Composite Fusion™ Plus

COMPOSITE FUSION™ Plus technology incorporates unique pyramids of different foam densities within the EPS/Shell connection.  During impact, as energy is transferred from shell to foam, the unique pyramid shapes collapse first, thereby directing the energy sideways within the foam, instead of linearly down to your head.  This spreads the impact load over a greater area, allowing us to use softer density foam next to your head.

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Motocross Action Magazine paid our booth a visit and spoke with Brad Waldron, founder of Kali Protectives, about our technology and how it makes us different! Jump to the 6:25 mark to see the interview!


Our good friends over at Pinkbike stopped by our Sea Otter Booth (#556).. Check it out! Kali Protectives Prana Carbon Helmet


Curious about Kali Pro’s top of the line street helmet, the NAZA™ Carbon? Check out Revzilla’s video at the You Tube link below for an insider’s look at Kali’s revolutionary Composite Fusion™ Plus technology and the NAZA™ Carbon!