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Pinkbike Tech Tuesday: DH vs. Motocross!
May 8, 2012
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Check out the latest edition of Tech Tuesday from Pinkbike!

This Tech Tuesday, Pinkbike features a think-piece by Guest-Contributor Robert Beaupre, who pits conventional helmet logic against new information that challenges existing standards and postulates that a cycling-friendly helmet design which utilizes a more flexible shell better-protects the rider in comparison to sturdier Motocross lids that must pass more stringent tests. Many DH and park riders use Motocross helmets in the assumption that they offer more protection. Beaupre’s essay gives much reason to doubt that logic. To enlist industry input, we contacted two helmet makers: Bell Sports and Kali Protectives. Bell Sports did not choose to participate. It’s a good read. -RC



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