About the founders

Brad Waldron

“The first, an aerospace/composites engineer from California who grew up racing bikes downhill and is now engineering the most radical composite gear.”


If you’re looking to engineer some of the most innovative protective gear on the market, you’re going to call Brad Waldron.
Why? When Northrop Grumman wanted to convert the F-18 Fighter Jet’s tail from aluminium to carbon fiber, he was one of the composites engineers on the job. Then the B-2 STEALTH Bomber needed some work… So it’s pretty safe to say the guy knows composites and really advanced technologies. After nine years he decided to change his focus from aerospace to sporting goods, where his real passion for riding could mesh with his engineering skills.

The next 12 years (and counting) Brad has spent in helmet testing, design, manufacturing and development. In fact, there isn’t a single part of the helmet production process Brad hasn’t managed (anyone ever heard of Specialized Bicycle Components?). On occasions he’s even called upon as an expert witness in crash cases, but we’re not supposed to talk about that. In any case, there can be no question as to the degree of seriousness with which this founding father approaches helmet and body armor safety concerns.


Brad is the quintessential Californian, growing up skateboarding the spill ways of San Jose, racing downhill on his bike in LA and Santa Cruz, surfing the break wherever he can find it and skiing the Sierra’s and Rockies. And there’s his passion for motorcycles…

David Assyag

“The second, a French snowboarder/skateboarder with a huge repertoire of industrial design and a deep graphic vision from the heart of the Alps.”


Dav’s entire career has been involved in helmets. He started out as a mechanical engineer and industrial helmet designer for a small family-owned winter sports company in France called Salomon. Maybe you’ve heard of them? From there he moved on to managing complete helmet product lines for Scott USA, involving snow, bicycle and MX helmet categories.


Dav is a “new school” rider straight out of the Alps. Taking advantage of his location to the fullest, his passion for summers of skateboarding and MX riding are only equaled by his winters full freestyle snowboarding and any other way he can think of to fly down a slope with reckless abandon…

Mike Wilson

“The third, a straight up Southern California transplant with a heart born in the skate industry, his passion for branding and sporting goods marketing only matched by his VO2 max in a bike race.”


Mike began his sporting goods career managing and buying at sporting goods retailers. After school, he transitioned into managing regional sales & marketing efforts, then into athlete team management and ultimately running marketing campaigns and product development projects (built around the athlete teams he founded).

When that same French ski company (remember Salomon?) decided they wanted to begin making summer sporting goods, Mike was the first guy they called. It must have been infectious, as ESPN has called on Mike as an organizer for countless summer and Winter X Games ever since, both in North America and far beyond.